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Structure Fire

During the early afternoon hours of April 06, 2020 your CSVHFD were dispatched for a fire alarm activation on Sunglow Avenue. Immediately following the initial dispatch Kenton County Emergency Communications Center (KCECC) notified Chief 525 (Chief Wendt)

that the alarm company had made contact with the home owner and there was an active fire in the kitchen. At that time Chief 525 asked for the structure fire compliment. On arrival units found a small kitchen fire, and the residents were reporting a total of 11 pets inside, 2 dogs and 9 cats. Truck 510's crew was able to quickly knock down on the fire. Engine 503 & Medic 514's crews made a quick search of the residence rescued all of the pets. At the time of the incident all pets were doing well. There were no injuries reported at the time of the incident. The cause of the fire was investigated by the Kenton County Arson Task Force. The team quickly determined the cause of the fire to be a gas valve on the stove left on igniting a near by candle. CSVHFD was assited by Fort Mitchell Chief 728 (Chief Slusser) and Engine 701.


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