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Bid award for NEW Fire House Design

Crescent Villa Fire Authority SPECIAL Board Meeting Agenda for 2/1/2021

Roll Call: Mr. Albanese, Mr. Baehner, Mr. Bruns, Ms. Cassidy, Mr. Daugherty, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Ringo, Mr. Wiseman, Mr. Cahill

Report of Firehouse Design Committee relative to selection of design firm and vote for approval.

Firehouse vote to approve design firm.

CVFA vote to approve design firm.

Discussion regarding liaison between Design Committee/Firehouse Committee and CVFA: • Selection of liaison • Limits to liaison’s authority • Reporting requirements for liaison to Committees/CVFA

Financing report


Please follow the link below to watch the meeting live!

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Background: CVFA: The Crescent-Villa Fire Authority (CVFA) was created through an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) between the cities of Crescent Springs and Villa Hills, and the Crescent Springs Volunteer

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